Our Coaches

Jolene Mattox-Owner/Coach  CrossFit L1, Licenced Massage Therapist, CPR

I fell in love with fitness, when I started my own weight loss journey in 2006.  After losing 130 lbs and running several 5Ks, 11 Half Marathons and 3 Full Marathons, I was introduced to CrossFit.  I loved the connection the members had with each other, encouraging one another.  I wanted to  bring that to connection to others.  Here at Grit, you get a support system cheering you on when you want to quit.  Having someone beside you pushing you to just keep moving forward in and outside the gym.  That’s my number one goal as a coach, is to remind you when that voice in your head is telling you to quit, you can’t do this, I’m here to remind you that YES YOU CAN!

Jennifer Billingsley-Head Coach  Crossfit L1, Kids CrossFit,  Certified Health Coach, CPR 

As a competitive gymnast, fitness and hard work has always been a part of my life.  After purchasing my first machine based gym in 2009, I rekindled my love for fitness.  There was something missing there.  After being introduced to CrossFit in 2012 and getting my Level 1, I fell in love with Olympic lifting.  The fact that I was able to mix my love for gymnastics and lifting together made it even better.  Do I love every workout? NO!  But I love the fact that I’m in the best shape of my life in my thirties.  During this process, I also found a love for nutrition.  As a junk food junkie, I never really thought about the cause and effect food had on my body.  Now, my passion is to share what I’ve learned with others, both for their nutritional and physical needs.

Kevin Billingsley-CrossFit L1, USA Weightlifting Sports Performance L1, CPR

As a lifelong competitor, I have always loved the sport of competing. I was an avid athlete in high school, competing in power lifting, football and track. After high school, I served in the United States Army National Guard for 9 years.  While serving, I suffered my first, second and third knee injuries, which ended my military career. Not letting these injuries stop me, I kept pushing myself to competition, whether it be physical sports or car and ATV racing.  While on the road working as a union carpenter I stumbled onto Functional Fitness Training. This type of training has provided an extraordinary outlet for my drive for competition. I strive each day to help each and every person that walks into Grit find that competitor streak in themselves.

John Zimmerman-CrossFit L1

I hated my first 2 weeks of CrossFit.  I was there to win a “Biggest Loser” contest.  But after that second week, I was hooked.  I loved the drive it gave me to beat the guy next to me, or at least try my hardest to.  I loved the energy it gave me to play with my kids again.  I hadn’t had that much energy since playing high school baseball.  I had no idea that I would be addicted to exercise, not alone want to coach.  In 2014, after losing 50 lbs., I became Level 1 certified and starting coaching.  The relationships you build not only coaching, but also working out side by side with some of the members is amazing.  You know exactly what they are going through, because you’ve done or will be doing the same thing.  Pushing them and myself to the limit, gives me the drive to come back tomorrow and do it all over again.

Brittani Hosselton DC -CrossFit L1

I discovered my love of fitness as a senior in high school when I took a weight lifting class. Since then I’ve almost become obsessed with it. I love overcoming physical and mental obstacles through exercise. I find it so rewarding to accomplish things I never thought would be possible like running marathons, lifting heavy weights, and just pushing through to the end of a workout when I think I cant. I love coaching others, encouraging them to overcome the mental and physical challenges associated with the workouts. I love hearing how good they feel about themselves afterwards and how proud they are when they accomplish their goals. I am also a chiropractor at Back & Body Works Chiropractic in Louisville, Illinois, http://www.backandbodyworks3.com