11/13/21 S+C

Grit Strength and Conditioning – Strength & Conditioning

Metcon (Weight)

Partner WOD:

30:00 to Accumulate As Much Weight & Meters As Possible

From 0:00-10:00

10 Attempts Each Partner 1 Power Clean + 1 Hang (Squat) Clean + 1 Split Jerk

From 10:00-20:00

5 Attempts Each Partner 5 Touch and Go Deadlifts

Metcon (Distance)

From 20:00-30:00

Max Distance Row
Purpose of the Workout:

Today’s partner WOD is a combination of weightlifting and straight cardio. For the first 10:00, you and your partner will have 10 attempts each to accumulate as many pounds as possible with the barbell complex listed (i.e. if each partner lifts 100 pounds for each of their attempts and successful on each, their total score is 2,000). The second 10:00 is the same idea but we are doing 5 touch and go deadlifts and each partner will only have 5 attempts.The third 10:00 you and your partner will be switching at-will with the objective being to row as far as possible.

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