4/03/21 BC

Grit Strength and Conditioning – Women’s Boot Camp

Passion WOD (Time)

100 Double Unders

800m Barbell Carry (95/65)

100 Burpees

Let’s take a moment to reflect on the pain and suffering Jesus experienced when He laid down His life in an act of sacrificial love for the human race.

*double unders to remind us of the lashings He received by a whip with shards of bone and metal that ripped His back

*Barbell carry to symbolize Jesus carrying his own crossbar to His execution site as He took the weight of our sin upon Himself

*burpees to signify Him conquering death by rising again.

**Break it up as you need ie 4 rounds of 25 DU/200m carry/25 burpees. Only RX if you complete each movement before moving on

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